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You’re likely here because something in your life has to change, and change for the better.

You may not like the way your relationships are going, or where you are at work or with your career in general. You’re living life, but sometimes you wonder if this is really all there is. 

You want more satisfaction, more happiness, more meaning or just to feel that passion again. You want a life you feel good about and makes a difference.

You once had dreams of who you'd be, or what you'd be doing by now, and what you’re living is not what you imagined, not even close. Your mood, your energy to make things happen and your sense of accomplishment are all suffering.

You know you were meant for something more.

Hi, I’m Eva, a psychotherapist, coach and change-agent who loves working with people wanting to get to that next place in their lives, the one that expresses who they truly are and makes them genuinely happy.


The Backstory

While I didn’t always know what my life would look like, I knew figuring it out mattered.

As the daughter of immigrants I also grew up knowing there was more than one way to live my life.  

And while I was brought up with a deep reverence for personal freedom, I always had the sense that real freedom came from something internal. Like the confidence to follow my gut despite what others thought, to know what I truly needed and cared about, and the strength to keep at it whatever came my way.    

I wasn’t sure how to do all that, but discovering how became a motivator for me.

With all my questions about human nature I was keen to study psychology, from as many perspectives and cultures as possible.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was trying to uncover a universal formula for this freedom, which I suspected was linked to health, happiness and even success.

This quest drove my work early on, and drove me right off the beaten path.


The Big Shift

All my professional life I’d been living in two worlds, studying and practicing psychology while also studying and incorporating what I was learning from various indigenous healing practices. While it wasn't always simple moving between worldviews, at some point things began to connect. 

I could see places where the various systems were saying similar things, or even expanding on and adding depth to one another.

And over the years I noticed something else. I noticed the people I worked with made big leaps forward, in not just one area, but in several areas at once. We weren’t simply fixing the problem that brought them in, we were creating new possibilities and seeing across-the-board growth.

And it wasn’t happening with an occasional person. It was happening with most everyone.

That’s when I stopped looking outward and started paying attention to what was happening right in front of me.

The Great “Aha!”

What I came to realize was that no matter the issue that caused someone to seek me out, once we got through the specifics of the situation the core work was the same.

It had to do with building a certain type of relationship with the self, which then affected the way one related with others. And even a third significant relationship surfaced, call it one’s relationship to Uncertainty, or Death or God or the Unknown.

Learning to navigate these three relationships was behind the health, happiness and success I was watching my clients experience. It was also leading to across-the-board growth and seemed to be key to the internal freedom I'd been looking to understand.


The Next Steps

Of course this realization was exciting. It also presented a question; how to best communicate these skills so they were widely available?

Figuring this out was the new focus and has lead to the creation of my online work.

Everything you’ll find here is directed toward helping you understand, work with, and ultimately master the core skills necessary to be the person you truly are.  And to be that person with clarity, confidence and grace, and experience the unanticipated changes that follow.

I continue to be a witness to the extraordinary lives and visions that get created when folks master these skills themselves, own who they are and shine that brilliance into the world.

It gives me tremendous pleasure to facilitate this process, and because of that I’m happy you’ve found yourself here.

To take a tiny step toward owning who you are, feel free to download my beautiful (and free) info-graphic –  10 Key Boundary Insights to Reclaim the Best Parts of You. It's full of deep truths, ten to be exact, that can help you create important shifts in thinking.

Or visit my Work with Me page to see how we can connect and do great things together.