...if the whole dating thing's not working out the way you thought it would, maybe it's time for a change.

If you're like most women who've dated a couple of months or more, and some of you even for years on and off, you've likely discovered that dating's not what it used to be, or at least what you thought it was. 


What You Might Be Thinking:

You probably thought you'd have found that "special person" by now. Your friends have set you up with their single friends and you’ve even signed up for several "dating sites," but you only seem to attract the wrong people.

You've tried things you never thought you would, and still you're not in a couple and you're not even sure you're making progress toward being in one. You can’t remember the last time you had an exciting date. And even when you thought things were going well people have disappeared on you, leaving you confused and feeling insecure. Your confidence is starting to lag.

You’re tired of reaching out to yet one more stranger. You know you need to keep circulating, but you’re over the serial coffee dates. Putting an end to disappointing dates and avoiding new ones is taking more emotional energy then you'd like. 

You wonder if you're just not good at this dating thing. Or maybe you waited too long to get serious about dating, or maybe it’s in the cards for you to be alone.

You’re close to taking a break...a long one. You know you need a dating refresh, but honestly, what more can you do?


You Find Yourself Wishing You:

  • Knew what you were doing so you could get some of your dating confidence back.
  • Were quick to know when someone wasn’t right, and quicker still at knowing who was.
  • Had less pressure and more romance when you dated, so dating was actually a good time and less like the chore its become.
  • Felt inspired again, not just by the dream in your head, but by the real people you meet.
  • Had some actual dating successes.


If this is you, you CAN get your dating life on track and have the confidence, fun and real results that got you dating in the first place!

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Wouldn't it be Great if You Could:

  • Get better dates by first discovering, and then working with your sure-fire dating recipes?
  • Be more comfortable with dating by knowing when to be flexible, and when to hold your ground.
  • Date confidently by learning to listen to your gut and what it has to say.
  • Keep the spice in your dating life by learning to dance safely with the “naughtier qualities.”
  • Avoid over-involvement and wasted time with people who aren't right and never were.
  • Find and date real prospects.


You may be investing lots of energy trying to move your dating life forward, and that’s great, but unless you have the fundamentals in place - doing the right things, the right way - chances are your dating life's suffering.

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Registration Open Now for our summer program starting July 2nd.


As a participant in the Sure-Fire Recipes for Dating (and Relationship) Success online program, you'll have six weekly lessons and ready access to me, Eva, your program creator and guide as you learn the fundamentals of successful dating. You bring your enthusiasm and readiness, and I bring my 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and coach to our work together. My unique program was developed through taking many clients, just like yourself, through the fundamentals of dating and relationships into successful partnerships. 



What Makes for Success in the Sure-Fire Dating Recipes Program?

Successful participants:

  • have access to a computer and are comfortable working in an online format
  • are women 35 years and older who have had some experience with dating and feel ready for a dating refresh
  • have time in their schedule to devote at least 2-3 hours a week to the program
  • have the energy and mental space for personal exploration
  • are wiling to try on new behaviors and ideas
  • are committed to their success



How the Sure-Fire Dating Recipes Program Works.

For six skill-building and experience-packed weeks, you'll get my support and that of your classmates as you: 

  •  follow a step-by-step program that deliberately develops the arc of skills needed for dating competence: you'll go deep in understanding what's right for you and what's not, when there's room to be flexible in dating, or when and how to hold your ground, and you'll learn the best way to discover your ideal partner out in the world.
  • gain unique tools, resources and strategies to date confidently and well.
  • strengthen the key relationship skills needed to both get and keep healthy relationships.
  • practice what you learn in our ongoing "Dating Live" challenges.



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Think you’re ready for the dating experiences and partnership you really want?


Join me for six weeks of discovery and support as you work through the building blocks necessary for dating and partnership success. 

  • We'll cover the amount of material one typically would in 6 months or more of personal coaching
  • You'll have access to my unique and effective course developed with real people in real time
  • You can pace yourself while staying on track with a weekly structure
  • And most importantly, you have access to me throughout the course, to answer your questions and lend support!


Cost of the program: $149.00

If you think you're ready for some real dating, real support and better yet, real results, this is your time to jump into the Sure-Fire Recipes for Dating Success Program to learn the fundamentals of dating, and the relationship skills needed to bring your dating back to life. 

I look forward to working with you.


To Get Started:

  1. Register using any of the register now buttons.
  2. A week before our course starts you'll have access to the Getting Started Lesson. This is your orientation and course pre-work. Official start date is July 2nd, at which time Lesson 1, with its full complement of resources and support, becomes available.
  3. Lessons will be released weekly through the end of the program.
  4. Any questions? Email me.