Building a Life with Shine

Everyone I know wants the keys to success; to be where they want to be with relationship, career, financial security and health.

And while there may be many keys to accomplish those goals, there is a master that will throw the bolt on all the locks, simultaneously. That master key is living from your Shine, from the unique brilliance at the core of you.

Big claims I know, so let's dig in.

Most of you have, at least once, had the experience of living from your Shine. It's the moment when you were "on," on your game, in the flow and moving from your innate knowing. You felt the sureness and you saw the rewards.

After a Shine moment you likely felt energized, connected, deeply satisfied and well, and your actions were spot-on, transcendent even. 

These descriptors capture some of the afterglow of moving from Shine, and if you think back, you've likely experienced it.

Given that Shine feels so good and creates such impeccable results, it really is curious that we don't choose to live from it's aliveness more regularly.


Elusive Shine

In working with folks interested in tapping their Shine, I've found one persistent and significant barrier. Shine can be difficult to distinguish from the room full of circus mirrors that continuously surrounds us.

The shiny bling-bling is everywhere.

Who doesn't want the adulation of their peers, the glitz and glamour, the power and control? And not because someone told us we should want them, but because we just do. We all like the shiny, however we construe it for ourselves.

No judgement over shiny really, but there is a problem. Shiny can blind us to our real Shine.


Shiny vs. Shine - how to tell?

And it only gets more challenging from there, because those living their Shine often become shiny, meaning they attract the mundane trappings of success. Shining brightly can also mean sparkling brightly, despite the sparkle being a by-product vs the thing pursued.

If we throw in the house of mirrors, our obsession with multiplying and magnifying all things bright, you have a blinding glare reflecting off every possible surface. Who can think, or perceive well in such a visually overloaded environment?


The Path to Shine

Instead of trying to discern and follow the right bright light, you can take another route entirely. One that actually works. You can shift the direction of your gaze from an outward one to one trained inward. 

Shine can only be discovered with an internal focus.


Looking Inward

Now most of us associate looking inward with meditation, with stopping external engagement and being with our internal experience. And when we look inward, most of us experience one of the following:

  • nothing
  • mind chatter
  • discomfort
  • boredom


It's hard to imagine Shine emerging from such a ground.

And actually the pursuit of Shine does requires a little something different than the usual inward gaze. It does require an inward focus, but it also requires motion and feel.


The Motion and Feel of Shine

Shine is animating, is alive, and thus itself is discovered through motion and feel. To know Shine you have to be tuned to its essential nature.

Shine is discovered through movement and resulting experience, through action and the feel of what comes from that action, from tuning into your internal response. 

You take an action and you observe your internal experience. Did that action make you feel more alive, more grounded, sure, satisfied, elevated, energized? Or did it make you feel the opposite? 

The true story of whether an action aligns with your Shine is told by the way it makes you feel.


Questions, Actions and Responses

As you can see, discovering your Shine has a lot to do with posing questions, taking actions and reflecting on the internal responses you get. Shine is discovered by tracking your internal landscape and whether your actions activate your aliveness, or not.

Your vitality is where your Shine lives. Learning to find your way to your aliveness will put you directly in the heat of your Shine.


Shining Internally, Shining Externally

Concrete actions happen in the external world. And because Shine is discovered through action, Shine has an external face as well as an internal one.

As you track and follow your Shine by reflecting on the internal experience of your actions, your external actions over time begin to align more and more with your Shine.

Tracking your Shine internally is then how you build your Shine externally, how your external life comes to reflect and embody and be elevated by your Shine.


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