Get What You Want by Noticing the Right Things

Most of us thrill to the idea of a "big life," whether it's a big idea we get to live, a big love, a big moment or just a life lived large.  

And while it can seem antithetical, setting ourselves up to experience "big" often requires that we at times go really small, catching the subtleties, the nuance and the grace notes of life.


Because going big, living out a dream, often depends on us catching that little tell-tale sign, the brief opening, or the faint suggestion that happened and then disappeared.




Face it. We're all super busy these days, with more responsibility and distraction than time. Just managing to get to all the "musts" on our to-do lists feels like a significant and elusive accomplishment. 

Which means many of us will plain old miss anything that's not obvious and "up in our face." We just don't see it. 


We're cruising at such blistering speeds with the volume set high, too high, and for too long, that anything below a certain threshold just ceases to exist. 


And we kinda know it.

Which is why so many of us are into meditation, or journaling, or long walks or some other form of activity that intentionally slows us down and helps us be more present. 

Which is a good start, but not enough. Because slowing it down and finally hearing "below the threshold" doesn't mean you're actually now tuned in to what matters. 


Listening to What Matters


To catch the information critical to your success, you have to be paying attention to what matters, and specifically, what matters given what you want. 


Listening to what matters has everything to do with paying attention to what you're after, and then engaging whatever form of it appears. Experiencing some form of what you want and then reflecting on how it really makes you feel to have it IS paying attention to what you want in the way that matters.


This is truly an important nugget, so let's take a moment to break it down.


What You're After and How it Feels


Being clear about the big experience you want is half the struggle. When we can see what we want in highly specific and adjective-rich detail, we are more apt to notice some form of it when it appears.


Staying connected to what we want and living with the felt sense of what we want sets the stage for its perception. 


The other half of the struggle happens after we perceive some form of what we want. Going for it, experiencing it both emotionally and physically and then reflecting on that experience lets us know if we're on track with what we want. It's like taking a bite and chewing slowly to get at the taste.

While at first we may just sense the general outline of what we're after, experiencing some form of it lets us know if adjustments to what we want are in order. Experience is then the great modifier, shading in the outline of our desires and bringing them to life. 


Are You Listening to What Matter?


What is your dream? What is the thing that matters to you, that you want to experience in life? Take a minute to see/feel it in your mind's eye. Now take that picture out into the world, noticing when it crosses your path. Are you ready to engage? If you do, what's the experience? What does it tell you about the thing you think you want?

As always, I love interacting in the comments with you. Share your experiences of listening to what matters. How has getting clearer on what you want made it more visible in your daily life?

Believing in you,