Feel Alive - Be Alive

Everyone knows they want more aliveness. Mostly because it seems the opposite of deadness, which we're clearly passing on for now!

Aliveness sounds and feels good, like the electric surge you get after jumping in an ice cold lake. You wake up. You feel vibrant, ready, more ON. (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest there's something you need to do - like get yourself into some freezing body of water.)

Being more of who we really are in life has a lot to do with tapping into our aliveness, that current of energy that is more focused than happiness, and more connected to what's around us.


And the thing I want to suggest today, is that hooking into our aliveness is just as important, and in my mind, as necessary, as the need to keep ourselves safe and secure. Because our aliveness heralds our joy and fuels our purpose. It's the stuff of our Yeses, and if we get it right, is the current on which a profound life of pleasure can be built.


Not kidding. Which is why your aliveness matters.

Guess what we're talking about today? 


Your Aliveness.

You may have been too afraid to let your aliveness out of the box, wrongly assuming it's the same as being Selfish - capitalized and lived in the wrong way - as if tracking and living into your aliveness might break every bond of responsibility you possess.

You don't have to be a hedonist and irresponsible to pursue your aliveness.


You may have feared your aliveness because you fear yourself, fear you would touch into the core of your wildness and possibility and have to deal with an unsettling personality you only suspect lives there.


A commitment to your aliveness often results in discovering and integrating parts of yourself, but contrary to your fears, makes you more of who you are already, not less: more exciting, courageous, inspired and inspiring.

You may avoid the pursuit of your aliveness because you've slipped into complacency, which is connected to a dull plodding and a loss of your ability to dream and aspire. Maybe you've gone all predictable when you could be deeply creative.

This last bit is true for us all. We get so entrenched in our routines that our sight dims over time. We no longer even see what could be. 


Getting Back To Your Aliveness

No matter how out-of-sync you are currently with your aliveness, and this will differ greatly for different folk, we all have to start at the same place. We have to remember we have such a thing as our aliveness, and decide to let it matter.

This commitment sets us on the path to noticing, which is the next step in reclaiming aliveness. We notice the things that make us feel more alive, and the things that don't.

If spending three hours on the pottery wheel blisses you out - take note. Closing that deal, reading to grand-kids, savoring the sauce you just made, fleshing out your ideas - it doesn't matter. Whatever makes you feel inspired, connected and energized is the stuff of your aliveness.

And the reverse is true as well. What depletes, deadens and erases you drains your aliveness and keeps you operating below capacity, silo-ed from your life energy.

Lastly, when you see what contributes to and what detracts from your aliveness experience, you must commit to taking action to move toward aliveness and away from depletion.  

This then is the direct path to reinvigorating your aliveness. 


So Ask Yourself

What's your willingness to go big in this lifetime?

Where's your desire to be who you were truly meant to be, to tap into your aliveness and rock the world in the process?

Just asking.

Join me in the comment thread below and let me know what's going on with your aliveness these days, and what you're planning to do about it!