Three Strategies to Make the Most of Uncertain Times


This is the situation that makes folks bat-crazy.

You're most susceptible to the crazy If you have a vision, a cherished desire, or some passion you want to live out.

If you've done your homework, are particularly sharp and fired-up, committed, supported and even carefully coached, I hate to tell you this, but you're the most in danger.

Those that are in full-tilt pursuit of their dreams, whether those dreams be relational, work related or represent some general slice-of-life, are on a collision course with their most dreaded nemesis, the one thing they didn't count on when their inspiration took hold. 


They are headed straight for a confrontation with Mystery: for the yet-unknown outcomes, the no-way-to-know next steps, the mis-directions and re-directions, and the endless stepping into the dark and over unanticipated ledges.


And when you've put it all on the line, the dance with mystery can be a bone chilling rattle that steals the soul and leaves the body for lame. 

But there's another way to tango. Read on to discover three strategies that can help transform mystery into a most desired partner.


Three Strategies to Dance with Mystery


1. Normalize the state of Mystery. In truth, mystery is the norm, not the exception. We live its reality every single day without injury. If we can quiet the mental reactivity to the unknown we create room for seeing it for what it is, the fertile ground of possibility. Mystery is the seat of quantum progression, genius and innovation. She proceeds every big shift.

2. In times of Mystery, be idle. Many of us react to times of not knowing by getting busy, equating activity with significance. Accept that the significance of this moment lies in the state of not-doing. Instead, listen. Tune in to perceive new ideas and connections. Throw your net wide to experience new impressions and listen deeply to understand where they take you. Absorb.

3. In times of Mystery, be not idle. Continue to take needed actions as they arise, while lightly  testing new ideas. Without action it's impossible to get valuable feedback. The trick in periods of mystery is to not over-invest in an idea, but to test it just enough to gather data. It's a kind of casting about, trying this, trying that with limited expenditure of resources. Reminds me of pre-teen dating.


While periods of uncertainty and unknown are certain to arrive in any targeted endeavor, their passing is also certain. Remember this, and the above three strategies to get your heels kickin' and your dance on.

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