How to Live a Life of Passion Without Burning Out

What keeps your desires alive so the passionate life you so long to live can be known and sustained?

Last post we looked at two critical factors needed to achieve a sustainable desire: doing what truly matters to you, and keeping on being inspired in that doing.


But how do you really know what matters to you, and how do you find the inspiration required to keep it all going?


Put more deeply and perhaps more directly, how do you create intimacy with yourself so you can perceive what matters to you, and how do you create intimacy with what’s outside yourself to receive needed inspiration?

The answer to these questions can come from many directions, but as I like to keep things simple and actionable, I’m going to focus on just one attitude you can nurture that will increase intimacy in both directions.

And that attitude is hopeful anticipation.

Think about when you’re expecting a call from someone with the potential for great news. Don’t you check your phone more often than usual, think about getting a call more often than usual, and perhaps even keep your phone closer than usual so you can hear it ring more easily?


You are tuned in to the possibility of good news, and this creates a focused attention on the carrier of that news.


Now, if you were tuned in to yourself with similar hopeful anticipation for news of what mattered to you, or outwardly, to receiving inspiring impressions, your senses would become more alert.

You might scan your body or emotions more frequently for information about what made you happy or otherwise, or the environment for what moved you or brought you joy.

You would be training your attention on the carriers of the information you sought, and would be exponentially more aware of the information when it arrived.


Caring, paying attention, receiving, responding are all actions related to intimacy, whether trained on yourself or on things external to yourself. This attitude will best position you to hear what’s coming your way, and puts you in the best position to take advantage of it.


You want to know what truly matters to you? Listen. Pay attention to what your body and emotions are saying. You want to be inspired? Stay open to the flow of impressions that surrounds you, and allow yourself to be moved by them.


The life of passion, of desires expressed, is first a life of desires known. A life of passion sustained is a life where passion is fed and inspiration nurtured.


Listening inside, listening outside, allowing the vulnerability of hopeful anticipation and the intimacy it generates. These are sure paths to the sustained passion and desire so many of us long to experience in life, and really can.

Join me in the comment thread below and tell me, what are your techniques for listening, to yourself, to others, to moments for inspiration? What brings you closer to an intimate understanding of yourself?

And as always, feel free to send this post along to someone who might benefit, and up the social media channels for inspiration.