What it Takes to Sustain Desire

Desire exists behind all that drives us to do, and do well. As we know, desire is essential to our success. 

So today we have the first of two posts on getting to the root of our desires, and what specific abilities we should be cultivating to keep them fueled and flamed.

Today we also uncover two essential questions related to the care and feeding of desire.


Now, on to Part One of What it Takes to Sustain Desire


Most likely you respect the fiery nature of desire and how it gets you to both do and achieve. But desire, like any fire, dies without adequate feeding.


Our desires, as fires, live on ember and air; the ember being who we are and what matters to us most deeply, and the air being our inspirations. (tweet that!)


I said it all in one sentence, but these are weighty concepts, so let's go back and break it down.

To keep our desires charged, they must be in contact with a hot bed of embers, those embers being the accurate knowing of who we and thus what really matters to us.

And when I say know who we are and what matters to us, I'm not talking about a superficial, copy-cat cultural expectations kind of knowing. The kind of knowing that says "of course I want to get into the best school, or make a zillion by the time I'm 19, or achieve the model relationship, etc."


I'm talking about the knowing that emerges from an intimacy with the self, and results in highly specific, often unexpected and sometimes very simple truths about who we are and what we want, truths that just feel right. (tweet that!)


When our desires emerge from this kind of knowing, they blaze with a sustained force because they are fueled by the truth of our existence and thus purpose.


Question #1: How do we create the kind of intimacy with ourselves that feeds desire?


And as everyone knows who's knelt around a fire, huffing and puffing your last breath to coax it into being, fire takes air, lots of it. And the air of desire is inspiration. It keeps our desires going.

Inspiration is easy. It can come with exposure to things and ideas, situations and moments.

Can come, but does not always come.

The fact that inspiration is everywhere at all times, and we're not everywhere and at all times inspired speaks to a critical and often missing factor in the inspirational equation.


Questions #2 What is that factor, and how do we incorporate it to keep a steady stream of inspiration fanning our desires?


These are the questions and the important actions we'll be exploring in our next post. But in the meantime, and to prime our coming conversation, I'd like to hear from you. What do you bring to your days that keeps you inspired, and, how do you know when a desire is really yours vs. something culturally created?

As always, join me in the comment thread below; I look forward to connecting with you and engaging your ideas.

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