What You Really Really Want

You may have noticed that life these days, everything from happiness, to your career to your relationships to even your workout routine seems to circle back to you. Everyone wants to know what you want.

You can't go to dinner without being asked your food requirements and who hasn't puzzled over the coconut, vs. hemp, vs almond vs dairy milk dilemma? Which is like a great thing, right. Everyone wants to cater to what you want!


Problem is, not everyone knows what they want, and if we add in knows what they really, really want, then we start getting the collective head scratch. Because knowing what you want, what you really really want is not a simple thing.


But this new paradigm of "starting with you" is already in place; no longer can you get away with someone else's idea of who you are and what you need. These days you're expected to follow your own script if you have any hope of reaching the promised land of your dreams.

Which takes us right back to that little problem; how do you know what you really really want?

If you strip away what the educational systems taught you, and muted for a moment the influence of all the other big institutions in your life, including the nervous goodwill of your parents, what desires linger?


And which of these desires comes from You, and not just you in the moment, but You as in  the most essential, enduring and unique You? The You that truly represents your fundamental self, whose fingerprint and blueprint is as sure a compass as any Northern Star?


Not simple stuff. But important stuff that has launched any number of vision quests, and walkabouts and "finding oneself" passages and brain rattling explorations into what we really really want.

It's the stuff behind well-aimed career choices, and partnership choices and life choices, and when done well, IS the stuff of a meaningful and satisfied life.

But how to do it?

Welcome to the next round of our work together, where we get nitty-gritty on what it takes to discover what we really really want, and the bigger discovery behind it of who we really really are. (tweet it on!)

I'd love to hear from you in the comment thread below; when faced with a big decision, what do you do to figure out what your next step should be?

And as always, totally grateful to be here with you, and looking forward to our next deep dive together.