Your Unlikely Gateway to Freedom

As if the holiday madness and list-making frenzy wasn't enough to burden and distract, most of us now also have a bona fide holiday sweet-tooth coming on. 

While I commiserate, and I really do, I'm still going to up the sweetness ante because I promised, and because today's post is the final candycane/gelt icing on the cake we've been shaping, and is frankly irresistible. 

Irresistible because today we learn how to say No in a way that allows us to kick back and enjoy the experience of getting what we want with no further action or steps required. It's direct entry into the satisfaction and freedom of our No-making, a delicious sweetness that results in no payback come January.

We experience hesitation and guilt in delivering Nos because we've equated No with negativity. And not surprisingly so, because even the American Heritage dictionary defines No as: a negative response, refusal. 

But that's just one way of looking at No, which does nothing to reveal its hidden mysteries and delights.

No is also insanely delicious.

Not only is it good for you, here's the crucial truth, No is good for all involved. To indulge your No-making with guilt-free abandon and live its delight, here are three important things to remember:


No is above all a course correct toward an authentic Yes. It shows where we've lost our way and in so doing participates in the mystery of what's possible. 


No is an invitation to feast at the table of authenticity and intimacy no less than a Yes, though requires a different response and skill-set.


And finally, No, as a limiter, has that uniquely mammalian capacity to stoke desire. In the right circumstances No has the ultimate capacity to intensify a future Yes


Contrary to being negative, No is a great positive in the world. Remembering and acting from this truth is your gateway to freedom.



As always, join me in the comment thread below to connect. I'd love to know what Nos you're inspired to make given No's potential for great good in your life.

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