The advising you’ll get with me is, well, just different. This is no cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill “coaching-type” experience.

Based on a unique, multi-level paradigm I developed over twenty years of work with every variety of innovator and achiever, we quickly get to the core issues and dynamics at play, and sketch your most effective path to the impact you desire. It’s targeted, accelerated work.

My process further distinguishes itself from other programs with its focus on 4-way alignment: internally with your innate brilliance and passion, and externally with your true situation, and your ability to work with universal principles of creativity and flow.

This focus sets you up to go beyond what you envision, and live your "right" work in the world with more ease, vitality, purpose and impact.


Be Yourself to go big .   Learn how with my cheat-sheet info-graphic

Be Yourself to go big. Learn how with my cheat-sheet info-graphic


The Eva Advantage

It's 20 years of granular work helping clients exceed goals.

As a previous psychotherapist, I draw upon therapeutic depth-work, and training in brief-strategy and motivational coaching techniques to move clients efficiently forward. I also reference many years of research in traditional wisdoms, leveraging the insights gained to help clients outperform expectations. The type of individuals I've worked with include:

  • entrepreneurs, intra-preneurs and "encore-preneurs" at all stages of growth

  • principal, senior/c-level players in health, law, politics, tech., education, and creative.