What differentiates work with me is not just the unique approach I've developed, but the distinct background and perspective I bring forward. I come to consulting and coaching after twenty years as a psychotherapist working with many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs at all stages and levels of growth.

My background, as well as my on-going field work, research and training, allows us to go wide, deep and assertively forward at the same time. This multi-directional approach ensures that we focus on progress from day one, while at the same time building the solid foundation required for exponential growth. You can learn more about my professional orientation at The Eva Advantage. 

And since work with me is highly personal, I've put together a small collage below to help you get a feel for me, and what working together might be like. Enjoy. 



This is my smart look.

I hail from New York - which has a lot to do with my direct and to-the-point style - though the thing my clients most often remark on is my kindness and deep attention. Fierce loyalty and commitment to your success goes without saying.



Out-of-the-box thinker and doer.

I go beyond conventional thinking and application so you can too. Some backstory. This is me and my big sister in the 60's in our home-made outfits. While the fashion had much to do with our immigrant background and growing up knowing the value of a dollar, I suspect those outfits - and many more like them - were behind my later orientation toward the non-traditional, and ultimately towards disruption and transformation.


pragmatist 2.jpg


I follow what works. I'm a problem-solver, sounding board and the outside perspective that's often lacking. My 20 years of helping clients achieve goals has taught me what's needed, what works, and how to tailor it so it works for you.



Intrepid Explorer

I trust the magic. This is me in Siberia, 1997. My fieldwork explored the relevance of Shamanism to the practice of 21st century psychotherapy. That research positioned me to become the psychotherapist on the NIH team that won the first ever IRB approval for the study of Ayahuasca, a traditional healing tea.



IMG_1872 (2).JPG

I'm here to serve.

Enhancing the well-being of others matters deeply to me. Whether you spearhead social-change technology, create beautiful spaces, tend the environment, educate, invest or lead to serve, I already believe in you. I welcome the opportunity to work together.


What are you here to achieve?