Orienting your work so it aligns internally with your innate brilliance, and externally with universal principles of creativity and flow is what distinguishes Align-to-Shine Coaching from other programs. It's also what sets you up to go beyond what you envision, and live your "right" work in the world with more ease, vitality, purpose and impact. 


The Eva Advantage

It's 20 years of granular work helping clients exceed goals.

I draw upon therapeutic depth-work, and training in brief-strategy and motivational coaching techniques designed to move clients efficiently forward. Those I've worked with include:

  • entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs at all stages of growth
  • senior/c-level execs in health, law, tech. and education

I offer six month coaching packages for those looking to accelerate their growth while grounding their work in principles of sustainability and impact. 


Your brilliant work awaits.