Case Study #1

The opportunity: Gerard’s always enjoyed the innovative program development role he’s played in national sports. After a very successful career in-house, he’s wondering if it’s time to start consulting and creating more flexibility with his schedule. In addition, he and his family have long harbored the dream of living on a boat and traveling the world.

The challenge: The family’s excited about the possible live/travel opportunity, including Gerard, but as the primary earner he’s having a hard time reconciling the financial downside. In addition, while he’s certain it’s time for changes at work, he’s not so sure this is the right time for launching a consultancy. Minutely dissecting pros and cons is only serving to make the way forward more muddied, and Gerard increasingly anxious.

The Process: It became clear in our three sessions of work together that slowing the process for Gerard was priority number 1. Managing the understandable anxiety that accompanies big life transitions required some lifestyle adjustments and a process of incremental, though concrete exploration and steps forward.

Involving the family in the exploration helped gain buy-in and needed feedback, while managing overall expectations with positive result.

Looking at making adjustments at work to create a better immediate fit took the pressure off, while affording the stability Gerard needed to build the infrastructure for a possible move to consultancy.

“I was aware that I was talking myself into a rut, and wanted to prevent that. I think the coaching with Eva really worked. I totally feel I’ve dealt with the changes pretty well. The steps we took as a family completely took the pressure off the situation, and even though I’ll be stepping away from my work in a couple of months, I think we’re in a very healthy place.”

Gerard selected the Orienting Package to work with me.

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