Everything starts with your short and long-term goals, and the tangibles/intangibles of your situation. We approach work issues through this lens, all the while optimizing the way you work so your actions fully support your ambitions. 

In refining the way you work, we touch on lifestyle, individual context and your mastery of three essential relationship skills noted below. 

And as always, our work together is embedded in the principles of brilliance and Shine.



Your Lifestyle.

Energy and focus, two coveted but hidden work assets, are deeply affected by one’s mental and physical state. My lifestyle review and subsequent check-ins help build your overall vitality. 




Your Context.

Each of us exists in a real context of chosen commitments and life challenges. We discover yours, and the moves that make them work for, not against you. I help you refine priorities and identify workarounds to ensure your most effective way forward. 

Your Relationships.

The success of one’s work is connected to one’s ability to effectively manage three core relationships: the relationship with oneself, the relationship with others, and the relationship with the as-yet-unknown, what I call one’s relationship with creative uncertainty.

A unique feature of Align-to-Shine coaching is its focus on building mastery in these three core relationships.

Your brilliant work awaits.