In twenty years of working with clients I've seen the accelerated success that happens when one's work and pursuits are strategically infused with one’s unique brilliance and passion. When we integrate these internal drivers with a win/win relationship to your real-world constraints - and then further align them with overarching principles of creativity and flow - we position you for unprecedented success. 

While my coaching track is designed to foster an arc of development, some clients have targeted and more limited needs. For them, consulting may represent the best fit.

My consulting work can be likened to that of a deep-dive photographer. Using the lens of 4-way alignment, we go deep to capture dynamics key to unlocking your unique situation. Both broad and granular, we address the issue at hand, understand the context and limits of your situation, and always end with insights and strategic next steps. 

You bring your concerns; I bring my careful listening and expertise. This is free-form strategic at its best.

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Your brilliant work awaits.