I don't just offer traditional coaching; I offer a unique and enriched program of coaching. My process is designed to achieve targeted goals and accelerate your success, yes, but it's also designed to build the "infrastructure" needed to navigate your work-in-the-world with more clarity, authenticity, purpose and impact.

All Coaching and Consulting sessions are conducted virtually. How it works.


Orienting Phase

We start by understanding your near and long-term goals in relation to your unique brilliance, lifestyle, current situation and relative mastery of key relationship skills. We achieve this through:

  • a prework questionnaire

  • an initial 1.5 hour in-depth exploratory session

  • two 50 min. follow-up sessions that adjust initial goal structuring and pacing in preparation for the working-phase.

To learn more about the in-depth process of the orienting phase, click here.

Working Phase

Subsequent 50 min. sessions keep you moving toward your goals. 

  • ongoing adjustments in both goal structuring and pacing help ensure your work progresses as efficiently as possible.

  • The principles and strategies of "aligned work" are introduced and tailored to your specific situation.



Align Lab

We turn the formula of “first succeed and then know ease” on its head, teaching what it takes to live one’s work from a place of authenticity, ease, purpose and impact - from day one. 

Every coaching/consulting session presents many opportunities to identify and strengthen elements of alignment as they relate to your work, at the same time integrating universal principles of creativity and flow.

I use bridging exercises and “relevant moments” to keep strategies personal, actionable and verifiable.

My goal: you reach yours while experiencing more clarity, authenticity, purpose and impact.


I offer two ways to get started.

My Coaching Track focuses on two key goals: to discover or strengthen your most effective path to work you care about, and to accelerate your first steps, refining understanding of both you and your work as you go. Elements include the pre-work questionnaire, 1.5 hour exploratory session and two 50 min. follow-on sessions to complete the orienting phase. All coaching with me starts with a full orienting phase as a way to promote meaningful change.

The following working phase consists of 50-minutes sessions which can be purchased individually as needed. Cost of the 3-session orienting phase: $1600. Cost of working phase sessions: $350.00.

*Clients have 6 months to complete sessions once purchased. 

My Consulting Track creates maximum flexibility by allowing you to tailor our work with individual sessions from the get-go. More targeted in scope, consulting sessions draw upon the same elements of my coaching work to both understand your situation and move you forward. Cost of consulting sessions: $500/hr. Feel free to schedule a info-session below to see which path might be right for you.

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Your brilliant work awaits.