It is not often that one receives a directive from the “beyond,” or maybe it’s actually quite the opposite. Maybe these messages are the most common thing in the world, but we routinely miss them because our ears are trained elsewhere.

In March of 2016 I received such a directive. In the midst of an active therapy practice I was told to re-focus efforts on my Ayahuasca work.

Six years prior, in 2010, I had been the psychotherapist on a team of researchers in Seattle working on two NIH grants for the clinical study of Ayahuasca.

My colleagues were doctors and researchers.

This time I was told there was someone else waiting to work with me, and this someone was in Peru “where the medicine originates.” A plant medicine healer.

During my graduate studies in psychology I’d been to Siberia to do field-work. At the time I was interested in exploring shamanism’s relationship to a 21st century psychology, and had spent four months in the dead of winter fitting those puzzle pieces together.

Under the aegis of a clinical program, the trip had been very defined.

A directive from spiritual teachers, on the other hand, is quite a different matter. Aside from a few identifying features of the healer, and of course the location of Peru, the journey was left wide open. What to do next?

In the following two years I would pick this project up and put it down over and over as various possibilities materialized, and then disappeared, sometimes on the same gust of wind.

Two years it took. But then last March, in 2018, I was finally ready, and left for the Amazon.

The short answer is that I did find the healer, a woman.

The trip to Peru was its own journey, is its own story, but the end result is that she and I agreed to work together. That was the take-away, not how we’d work together, but that we would: the alignment, the commitment.

It has been a year now. The nature of our work together is only slowly emerging. But it is this work which enables me to bring these messages from the Ayahuasca Teachers to you.

They are offered in support of all who would use their brilliance in service to humanity.

To enable you in this is in fact our alignment. This is our commitment.