Because of my prior field work on Shamanism, and my background in psychotherapy, in 2010 I was invited to be the psychotherapist on a team of researchers here in Seattle studying Ayahuasca.

This was my first introduction to the plant medicine.

In preparing two NIH grants my team and I had multiple opportunities to brew, experiment with and study - both clinically and through our own experiences - the effects of Ayahuasca. It was during this time that I developed a profound link to the medicine.

Three years ago I was directed to travel to Peru to find a Shaman, who I was told, was waiting to work with me. Peru being a big country, I had no idea where to start, other than being told to “follow the medicine” to find the Shaman. I was given a few details and a quick impression to go on.

After two years preparing, last March I headed off to Peru in search of the Shaman I’d come to call A’hn. Of course I had quite the adventure in the course of my search, with the end result being that I found her.

While our relationship is new, and the direction of our work unfolding, through our collaboration I am able to bring these messages from the Ayahuasca Teachers to you. They are meant to support all who would devote their brilliance to the service of others.

In this we receive Blessing.

To your Shine,