Case Study #2

The Opportunity: Lisa approached her CEO with a novel project for the company – to create a lifestyle product that reinforced brand, drove revenue and amplified causes they cared about.

With an initial green light, Lisa was able to create a product and several high-profile campaigns that not only multiplied her opportunities for creative engagement, but also injected her work with a sense of purpose and meaning.

The Challenge: While the first two campaigns had generated outsized buzz, the campaigns themselves were operating in the red. Pressure was coming down from above to justify the continuing expense of the project, with concerns that time spent on it was detracting from her regular, and profit-generating work.

The problem was that Lisa’s regular work, though well-paid and flexible, didn’t tap her considerable talent or provide the sense of meaning she’d found with the project. She was torn about a direction to take and was looking for a framework through which to evaluate her situation.

The Process: I love working with creatives because they’re typically experienced in navigating creative uncertainty – an essential skill for any leader or individual hoping to create disruption.

In our 3 sessions of work together, it became clear to me that Lisa was completely comfortable in the “chaotic” space of creation. Problem was that chaos can end up being confusing, and Lisa wasn’t reliably able to tell when she’d slipped from a generative-type chaos into one that was fragmenting and thus unproductive.

We worked with mindfulness and grounding techniques specific to Lisa to increase awareness of her general state. We then explored various strategies to most efficiently regain a state of generativity.

Primary to Lisa’s current dilemma was the split nature of her work, between the part that engaged her brilliance and passion, and the part, the income-generating part, that did not.

By beginning to unravel the elements of Lisa’s talent, passion and desire, we were able to identify the potential opportunities in Lisa’s current work situation. Lisa was then able to craft a way forward that maximized the considerable pros.

With revenue generation for the project now a top priority, Lisa was able to confidently advocate a strategic allocation of additional resources to target marketing and sales. Her attention to the financial side, not just the creative, reflected the CEO’s own concerns. This financial alignment, along with the increasing exposure and buzz from subsequent campaigns, served to strengthen the CEO’s continuing commitment to the project.

While there’s no certainty as to how long Lisa will be able to “ride the wave” of her project’s success, clarity around what Lisa wants from her work allowed us to mine her current situation for professional development opportunities. These will build out and enhance her resume when the time for a more integrated work experience arrives. 

“I was feeling the need to figure out just how dire my work situation was – should I be moving on or was I just not seeing this opportunity (and project) for what it was? I was tired of complaining to coworkers at lunch, but couldn’t seem to do it on my own, or get out of my own head.

“Working with Eva you’re going to get someone who understands your uniqueness, not just you as a resume, or bullet points on a page. She listens deeply and connects the dots – from what’s said, but also not said – and reflects it back to you. It’s pretty astonishing. You come in expecting maybe some career tips or life lessons, but instead you get big ideas, and subtle detailed suggestions that get in your brain and stay with you. Everyday things that create lasting change, not just a quick fix.”

Lisa selected the Orienting Package to work with me.


Case Study #1

The opportunity: Gerry’s always enjoyed the innovative program development role she’s played in a social-impact oriented, global tech company. After a very successful career in-house, she’s wondering if it isn't time to start consulting and creating more flexibility with her schedule. In addition, she and her family have long harbored the dream of living on a boat and traveling the world.

The challenge: The family’s excited about the possible live/travel opportunity, including Gerry, but as the primary earner she’s having a hard time reconciling the financial downside. In addition, while she’s certain it’s time for changes at work, she’s not so sure this is the right time for launching a consultancy. Minutely dissecting pros and cons is only serving to make the way forward more muddied, and Gerry increasingly anxious.

The Process: It became clear in our three sessions of work together that slowing the process for Gerry was priority number one. Managing the understandable anxiety that accompanies big life transitions required some lifestyle adjustments and a process of incremental, though concrete exploration and steps forward.

Involving the family in the exploration helped gain buy-in and needed feedback, while managing overall expectations with positive result.

Looking at making adjustments at work to create a better immediate fit took the pressure off. Stability at work created space not only to build the infrastructure for a possible move to consultancy, but the confidence to move forward with the family's dream of living on a boat. 

“I was aware that I was talking myself into a rut, and wanted to prevent that. I think the coaching with Eva really worked. I totally feel I’ve dealt with the changes well. The steps we took as a family completely took the pressure off the situation, and even though I’ll be stepping away from my work in a couple of months, I think we’re in a very healthy place.”


Gerry selected the Orienting Package to work with me.

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