Women are working hard. Too hard.

And despite all the effort it can feel like we’re running in circles, or idling in a place that doesn’t really fit.

Trust me. It’s not for lack of talent, or vision that we’re here. Though at times we might have doubted our vision, or second-guessed our talent.

We hesitate when we should raise our hand, or raise our hand too often and end up buried in responsibilities that aren’t in fact getting us to our end-goals.

We’re earnest about doing the many things we’re told to do to move ourselves forward, and then wonder why we still feel dissatisfied and depleted. And for this, we end up blaming ourselves.

And like we often do, our lack of real progress toward something meaningful becomes a story we tell ourselves, that we’re imposters, or don’t belong, or if we got right down to it, don’t really have what it takes to live our dream.

We suffer paralysis, or cover our uncertainty by checking even more boxes. And we work ourselves into a place of no more ease and disappearing pleasure.

The problem

We’ve taken our talent, ambition and passion and put them at the service of others, and here’s the problematic part, in hopes these “others” will gate-keep our dreams on upward.

Resting on this hope, we follow the directives laid out by these others, even well-meaning ones. But others who can’t know us, don’t really understand our situation, and see the world through their own lenses. And in some cases, others who are invested in their own well-being, not ours.

The solution

It’s not another thing to do.

It’s another way to be.

The game-changing Shift

The other way to be, what I call the game-changing Shift, comes from easing back into a place of our own personal authority. It means being in touch with your own needs and desires, and then acting on them with clarity and confidence.

From this self-directed place, it’s possible to:

  • move from your signature strengths, and find direction from your ambitions and ease.

  • honor your commitments and limits, and find a pace that works well with both

  • feel confident because you surround herself with those who value your contribution, and want more of it

  • work from a place of clarity because you know how to find your inner compass and act on it

  • be energized by the work you do, so your work does more, reaches more, and attracts more

The Shift affects everything

Once you learn to create this shift in yourself, then acting with more personal authority, clarity and ease in all areas of your life is possible: not only at work, but in your intimate relationships, family-life and personal pursuits. Creating this shift will:

  • Support you in knowing what you want and going for it

  • Build and support healthy self-esteem and confidence

  • Result in strong relationships

  • Capitalize on and expand your ease and pleasure

  • Allow you to leave behind what doesn’t work. Really leave it behind so you can move freely forward.

Knowing how to make this shift back to a place of real personal authority is then the one thing with the capacity to change everything.

How I got to the Shift

I’ve been a psychotherapist for 20 years, and have worked with all kinds of individuals journeying from a place they’d ended up in, to a place they truly wanted to be. In those twenty years I learned a lot about change, which changes made the difference, and the best way to achieve them.

And I discovered that underneath them all there was one change, one key shift, that if learned and practiced, had the capacity to change everything.

To Shift is powerful, and also natural

Moving from the current you to a more awakened, self-directed you is what I call the Shift. Once mastered:

  • shifting happens naturally

  • shifting happens easily

  • shifting puts you in touch with your brilliance and passion, and is the ground for increased impact

  • shifting into more authority, clarity and ease becomes a first-response to life’s situations

To Shift requires skill

Given the right conditions, we shift into our powerful selves naturally. But to create those conditions requires a certain skillfulness. It is precisely these skills that my Own Your Zone course is designed to teach.

And because the emergence of each person’s powerful, poised self is an individual journey, not a list of requirements to be met, my Own Your Zone training is also an incubator, facilitating each person’s process with group support and individual engagement with me.

Get started now

While my Own Your Zone training will be released this coming Winter 2020, you can hold a spot in the course now. As this is a pilot round of Own Your Zone, space for participants will be limited. I’m keeping our first training on the smaller side to allow for greater responsiveness to participant needs and increased opportunities for personal engagement with me. Not only should this accelerate your work, but it will give me the feedback I need to evolve the program moving forward.

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