Where I tell you I lied.

I said "I'm writing a book on engaged journeys," but I'm not. I lied.

Truth is I'm not sure what I'm writing about, other than it has something to do with innovation and wrangling the new: product, process, idea into being, in a big way.

Big, meaning your journey does more then get you to point B, which is a kind of small result as I see it. A big result rather ensures you arrive at journey's end having more ease, confidence, purpose, impact, aliveness and yes, real money. 

It's not just success we're after, it's transformative, or high-level success.

Why have a strategy of going for B, and only after achieving B, attempting C?

Then only after achieving C, D. And then only after D, P?

Why settle for B when C, D, P and Z are also possible, and possible to achieve at the same time?  And even versions of these letters you never imagined?

Just sayin'.

The point of today's post is not really to tell you all that I lied, but to illustrate a key feature of a big journey.

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I'm Taking Declarations!

Jump right in. Today I want to hear from you!

What project, goal or desire has been dogging you? To what are you willing to commit, what is calling to be created, by you?

The purpose of our group is to up your game by learning how to access and navigate an engaged journey. A journey that will not only maximize your chances of success, but will grow you into the person you must be to meet success when it arrives.

And I'm not talking about small success, one that's measured by what you take to the bank, but big success. Success that generates ease, confidence, satisfaction, pleasure, purpose, impact, and yes, bank.

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