I'm Taking Declarations!

Jump right in. Today I want to hear from you!

What project, goal or desire has been dogging you? To what are you willing to commit, what is calling to be created, by you?

The purpose of our group is to up your game by learning how to access and navigate an engaged journey. A journey that will not only maximize your chances of success, but will grow you into the person you must be to meet success when it arrives.

And I'm not talking about small success, one that's measured by what you take to the bank, but big success. Success that generates ease, confidence, satisfaction, pleasure, purpose, impact, and yes, bank.

The kind of success we imagine is possible, and is not an automatic byproduct of small success. Beware that error.

Getting to big success is what we're after.

But getting there, together, means you have to embark on your own authentic journey. It's the only way to really understand what I'll be talking about.  

Which is why I ask you to throw down. What are you willing to declare?


What you will achieve

For our purposes, your declaration should be in the form of what you will achieve as opposed to what you hope to achieve. For example:

I will write a book proposal for a book on navigating engaged journeys....


Include key markers

Try not to get bogged down by details, but definitely include things that feel important at this point. For example:

...that will get picked up by one of the five big book publishers, AND I'll finish writing the book with the advance.

As you can see a whole lot's still missing. But the overarching goal, and a few key points that matter at this time, are enough to get started and create an initial direction.

These are the basics of what you'll need to start your engaged journey. Just make sure you really care about whatever you declare, and that you intend to achieve it. 

And to start shaping expectations about what I'll be doing with the group, some first thoughts: 

  • this is a fluid group, meaning I expect it to shift and change as we all do
  • I won't be posting on a schedule, but as the spirit moves "Hallelujah!"
  • I'm looking forward to mixing it up with the ridiculous and sublime. Expect mixed media as well: audio, video, images, blogging, etc. We are opening to creative.
  • I won't be hosting a comment thread (because I'll be writing), but to keep it two-way so we can learn from each other, drop me the occasional email. Your journey really does matter to me.
  • I'll be figuring out a path to invite others to the group in the near future. "Besties" who make great travel companions are always welcome.

Faith, grit, inspiration and time to create. May we all have our fill.