Episode 017 - Know Your Boundaries: Internal Self-Defense 1

In this episode we break new ground by beginning our discussion of internal boundaries. We discuss the "mother" of all internal boundaries, and how using it will make you a Jedi Master against invisible take-downs.

Episode 016 - Know Your Boundaries: Better Boundaries 4

In this, our final episode in our breakout series on creating better boundaries, I address how to craft a better boundary using the data from your boundary practice.

Episode 015 - Know Your Boundaries: Better Boundaries 3

In this episode we take action! Having set the stage for safety and success, we go live with our boundary making, and discover how the attitude of a scientist is key to making boundaries with ease and impact.

Episode 014 - Know Your Boundaries: Better Boundaries 2

In this episode I look at the last element of setting the stage to create real change. We learn how to work within a success framework, not only to achieve, but to gather the knowledge needed for continued growth.

Episode 013 - Know Your Boundaries: Better Boundaries 1

In this episode we start the process of making better boundaries; we address how you get from the boundaries you have, to the boundaries you really want. And we consider two elements that can really smooth the way for change.

Episode 012 - Know Your Boundaries: The Terrible, No-Good No

In this episode we discover why a simple "No" can be so threatening. Lurking deep within the shadows, we uncover two dynamics that can undo your confidence to say "No."

Episode 011 - Know Your Boundaries: The Yes/No Equation

In this episode we work with flexible boundaries to soften the blow of saying No. By using the Yes/No Equation we learn to create goodwill without the need to sacrifice our boundaries.

Episode 010 - Know Your Boundaries: The Colander

In today's episode we discover the flexible boundary, the boundary that keeps the bad out, while letting the good in. Flexible boundaries can help us create nuance, and the ability to respond to life's complexities while staying on track with out goals. 

Episode 009 - Know Your Boundaries: The Power Trifecta

In this Episode we deepen our understanding of our internal world. We discover the hidden trifecta, a source of abundant data, which can be tapped to create the most relevant, effective and self-affirming boundaries possible.

Episode 008 - Know Your Boundaries: Staying Safe

In this Episode I discuss two different types of safety needed to be effective in your boundary-making. We then dive into the process of navigating internal fears to create the boundaries you need for the life you want to live.

Episode 007 - Know Your Boundaries: The Internal Trolls

In this episode I discuss the self-talk that can sabotage our efforts at boundary-making; I call them the internal trolls. Not only do we learn how to work with them, but we address the tipping point of knowledge needed to create real change.

Welcome to our new Shine Lab Series - Know Your Boundaries

In this Episode I talk about the definitive "NO," the one we use to put a firm boundary between us and someone or something else. We discover that saying "NO" is actually the smaller part of this boundary, and what's hidden, and much larger, lies ready to sabotage our ability to say "NO" if we let it.

Welcome to our new Shine Lab Series - Making it Happen: what matters, what doesn’t

In our first episode I share a story that illustrates how we can make things happen in our lives. And as the story shows, when we make things happen we often trigger unanticipated results, both for the good and the bad. In this series we take a look at navigating the consequences of creating the life you want, and share some thoughts on how to keep moving toward your life’s best version.

(This particular podcast is gender-split to better address the different issues that can surface for “women” and “men." After this episode, just pursue the 1.2 episode that suits you. At Shine Lab you choose your experience.)

Episode 002: Making it Happen (Part 2, for women)

In this episode we discuss what matters most once you've gone for it, and the air’s finally cleared. 

Episode 003: Making it Happen (Part 3, for women)

This is the third and final episode in our series for "women" on Making it Happen - what matters, what doesn't.

In this episode we discover the negative trolls that show up when we go for what we want. Trolls that are happy to appear with our failures AND our successes. We look at their value, and then the best way to deal with them.

(feel free to continue on to 1.2 "Men" when you’re done here for even more insights.)

Episode 004: Making it Happen (Part 2, for men)

In this episode we look at the connection between our inner world and our outer one. We discover that actions taken on behalf of our inner world can create unanticipated possibilities in our outer world.

Episode 005: Making it Happen (Part 3, for men)

This is the third and final episode in our series for "men" on Making it Happen - what matters, what doesn't. 

In this episode we notice that creating what we want in life can create a dynamic no one really talks about. It’s a dynamic that can have us careening off the path of our happiness if we're not aware of it.

(feel free to head on over to Episode 1.2 “Women” for even more insights.)