Welcome to our new Shine Lab Series - Making it Happen: what matters, what doesn’t

In our first episode I share a story that illustrates how we can make things happen in our lives. And as the story shows, when we make things happen we often trigger unanticipated results, both for the good and the bad. In this series we take a look at navigating the consequences of creating the life you want, and share some thoughts on how to keep moving toward your life’s best version.

(This particular podcast is gender-split to better address the different issues that can surface for “women” and “men." After this episode, just pursue the 1.2 episode that suits you. At Shine Lab you choose your experience.)

Episode 002: Making it Happen (Part 2, for women)

In this episode we discuss what matters most once you've gone for it, and the air’s finally cleared. 

Episode 003: Making it Happen (Part 3, for women)

This is the third and final episode in our series for "women" on Making it Happen - what matters, what doesn't.

In this episode we discover the negative trolls that show up when we go for what we want. Trolls that are happy to appear with our failures AND our successes. We look at their value, and then the best way to deal with them.

(feel free to continue on to 1.2 "Men" when you’re done here for even more insights.)

Episode 004: Making it Happen (Part 2, for men)

In this episode we look at the connection between our inner world and our outer one. We discover that actions taken on behalf of our inner world can create unanticipated possibilities in our outer world.

Episode 005: Making it Happen (Part 3, for men)

This is the third and final episode in our series for "men" on Making it Happen - what matters, what doesn't. 

In this episode we notice that creating what we want in life can create a dynamic no one really talks about. It’s a dynamic that can have us careening off the path of our happiness if we're not aware of it.

(feel free to head on over to Episode 1.2 “Women” for even more insights.)