I work with innovative women leaders whose passion includes improving the lives of others. While the best predictor of our success together is a shared vision, how we relate matters greatly. Click here to get a sense of what I bring to the table, and why working together can make all the difference to realizing your goals.

I coach to help maximize what you do: whether your "work" is organization-oriented, entrepreneurial, in transition or encore.  We accelerate your success through discovering and aligning your innate brilliance with your passion, your situation and their most powerful expression in the world. Click here to learn more.


You may have your ducks in a row - most of the time. Often those who consult with me have one or more pieces of the puzzle working, but could use a big-picture review to discover the minor adjustments or key insights needed to cross over to desired success. Click here to learn more.

“When your work aligns with your innate brilliance and the brilliance inherent in the Universe, the success you achieve naturally comes with more ease, vitality, purpose and impact."