The best predictor of your success in working with me is how we relate. That good fit where trust and real engagement happens. Click here to get a sense of who I am, and why working together can make all the difference to realizing your goals.

I coach to help you achieve your work ambitions: "in-house," entreprenurial, transitional or encore. We accelerate your success through the work of discovering and aligning your innate brilliance with your passion, and your most powerful expression in the world. Click here to learn more.


You may have your ducks in a row, mostly. Oftentimes those who consult with me have one or more pieces of the puzzle working, but are in need of minor adjustments, key insights or a big-picture review to achieve critical alignment. I'm happy to spot-check your situation. Click here to learn more.

“When your work aligns with your innate brilliance and the brilliance inherent in the Universe, the success you achieve naturally comes with more ease, vitality, purpose and impact."